Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekend/Monday Recap

So, it's Monday night and I'm just now getting around to putting this post together, my apologizes. The weekend was pretty uneventful for the Hubs and I, JL was with his mom this weekend so, we had some alone time! I have been extremely busy and stress so the Hubs suggested we go out for sushi and relax. I was dressed and in the car 15 mins before he was ready, excited much?! :) We decided to try a new place, so we picked Deep Sushi in Lower Greenville! It was great, the Cherry Blossom roll was KILLER and the service was awesome! We talked, relaxed and scarf down some great dinner dates with my hubby! 

The cherry blossom roll is on the right! It was so wonderful! 

Lately I have been so sleepy, which isn't really like me (Prego? Nope.) so I took a nap midday Sunday that felt so great that I decided on go to bed early as well! This morning I had my first personal training session with my mom's trainer, Montez. I had such a nervous feeling walking into the gym, partly insecure from the "first year fifteen" and then not knowing how my body was going to react. Of course whats the first thing on the list to knock out...lunges! I could feel my Kardashian butt forming with every walking lunge I did! Yeaaaah! By the third set, I could of swore my legs had been set on fire! But by golly I finished it and the whole darn workout that was only focused on my legs and butt. Am I proud of myself? Hellll Yessss! But let's just say tonight....I could use a handicap bar when using the restroom! 

I go back Wednesday for arms! Bring it on!

Hope everyone had a GREAT weekend/Monday! 


  1. That sushi looks AMAZING! I haven't had it in so long. My boyfriend is deathly allergic, so I avoid eating it, too. I'm always paranoid that I'll eat seafood and forget to brush my teeth and kiss him (without taking life insurance out haha, jk.)

    Good for you! No pain no gain! I'm sure the extra pounds will melt right off of you! :)

    Live in the Sunshine

    1. Hahaha! Idk if I could live without sushi! Your poor boyfriend is missing out! :)

  2. That sushi looks so good!

    I've nominated you for the Liebster award!

    1. Awwww! Thank you soooo much, means a lot!