Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What I know now, I wish she knew

This past Saturday we made a day trip to visit one of our nieces who will be starting college in a couple weeks and just moved into her first place. Have to say I am very proud of her for taking her volleyball passion to the next level, all the while getting her education. But it’s all rainbows and unicorns for me until the thought of her being barely 18, on her own, and realizing what the “Real World” is…because it was a rude awakening for myself!

Let me just say my 18 year old self THOUGHT she knew it all, come to find out…I did didn’t. ;)

So, what advice, tips or warnings would you have given your 18 year old self??

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I'm THAT girl...

Heyyy! I’m that girl….

...who sings in her car like she has a Britney Spear’s ear piece in and is in front of 10,000 people. the thrift store staring at a piece of junk and possibly talking to myself out loud of how it could be repurposed.

...who can’t get enough glitter, chevron prints, chalk paint, sparkles, and turquoise.

...trying to do the best I can as a “bonus” mom.

...who loves Fall, Starbucks and Cowboy Boots.

...eating sushi with a fork because who in the hell’s idea was it to use sticks!

...that is grateful she has a family who still tells her dinner was wonderful even if it was burnt and dry.

...with the husband who has an epic beard.

...who loves huge sunglasses and my big hair.

...that probably cusses more than I should.

...who just last year found her FIRST gray hair (lots of wine that day…LOTS.)

...laughing so hard she wheezes.

...that watches Shark Week religiously with her hubby and bonus son.

...“probably” being loud.

...that is cranky sometimes and takes it out on the wrong people.

...who comes home with stray dogs more often than the hubby would like.

...with 7 nieces (YES, 7!) and one handsome nephew!

...that is glad to spend Sunday Funday watching football with the Family.

...that is proud of where I come from…TEXAS!

 I’m going to blog about life as I see it, while trying to keep your interest along the way!

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