Friday, February 28, 2014

Sobriety, Spelling & Snoring

It is probably against all blogging rules to post 2 link-ups in one day but last time I checked, I am a well known rebel so I'm doing it anyways! 
So, for my second post of the day, I am finishing sentences with Holly & Jake. :)

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1. I always pick…Yoga pants or leggings instead of actual pants.
 2. Look at the size of those...tree trunks…my mistake, those are my damn thighs.
 3. I recently learned…I snore, like a woman whose respiratory structures are vibrating due to an obstructed air movement during breathing while sleeping.
 4. Only when no one is looking…do I proceed to dance like Beyoncé in front of the refrigerator light.
 5. I lost my...virginity.
 6. I was certain I'd…have a reality show by now; I can guarantee my shit storm is TV gold.  
 7. There is not enough liquor in the world for me to….be a teacher….I have uber respect for you ladies that are, but I would be the teacher on the 10:00 news for bitch slappin’ some smart ass teenager  who tried to disrespect me.  
 8. I just finished... talking to myself in the bathroom mirror at work to see how my face looks while I’m speaking.
 9. Why does everyone have to be...Lame…so what if I got drunk at my 4 year old niece’s birthday party. She didn’t know.
 10. It’s very rare when I...don’t have to google how to spell a word that exceeds 5 letters.
 11. If I were a dog…I would want to be any hot celebrity’s bitch, that way I can snuggle with him and bite any other skank bitches that came near my man.
 12. I don't sobriety.  -Real talk-

Enjoy your weekend, friends!

Severe Case of Baby Fever

Well we just found out a couple weeks ago that Michael’s brother and sister-n-law are expecting their second child, which is super exciting for our family. But it really has me wanting a baby even more now than ever, I think I have made it very clear in past posts how much I want a baby. But right now truly is not the right time for us, but that doesn’t mean I still can’t have crazy baby fever. So this week for Five on Friday I thought I would dedicate my post to all things babies.
By the way, I really want a boy and Michael really wants a girl someday. :)
All must-have shoes like these, will in fact send us into debt if were to ever have a girl.
-Seriously, no joke.-

 photo 6fcd4f8743abaf3b390bcf7677f7fc5d.jpg  photo b10b75edcd86b9cf7f2fe1f88cf649ca.jpg

I found these on Pinterest and just HAD to add them to my baby board. As of right now, I can say I will probably be the new mom that has a kid dressed to impress, all the while I'm standing around looking like I was spawned from a clown and zombie.

 photo a3b3ecf63d26aca08f047c65958114cb.jpg  photo b4d0a36b3d226f350886b37831220deb.jpg

Baby. Halloween. Costumes.
 Enough said.
 photo 2ec6ca65c0f2753bde9bb04351c58f41.jpg  photo 1801ee580d9cb57ebdaf0bf196bd6d4f.jpg

This is so fitting for me, but I want to make sure I have one for every month of my pregnancy.

 photo b5c71b569a0d68e40e123059a6cbf4ed.jpg

Holy Freakin' Batman...I will never be able to "just let it be a surprise" on the baby gender. Because I plan on decorating a nursery that is so epic that HGTV hasn't even seen one like it!

 photo a6651ccf74be8ce49b8551bb79998b92.jpg

 photo caa6f992cb932be4dab8859a8114260d.jpg

Happy Friday Everyone!

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Humpday Reality TV Confessions

I have a minor addiction to reality television… much that my husband calls me REALITY TV QUEEN in public. That statement is kinda true. But, he just doesn’t get it that I am a better person and wife because of reality television.

-I appreciate and cherish the level of education I have after repeatedly watching Party Down South and Jersey Shore.

- I have more self-acceptance after watching My Strange Addiction and Hoarding; Buried Alive. I mean because gaining 10lbs is nothing compared to living in a house full of 100 dead cats.
- I am more knowledgeable of hunting and embracing my redneck ways after watching Duck Dynasty which lets me relate to him in more ways.
- Wanting lip injections for years and a day I decided they weren’t for me after watching Taylor’s mouth on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills over the years.

-TopChef makes me a better cook-Never mind that is the farthest from the truth. Nothing will make me a better cook.
-I made it through high school without getting pregnant; Teen Mom participants can’t say the same.
-RuPaul’s Drag Race shows me how a queen is supposed to act.

Anddddd....if you have not seen a episode of Mob Wives, I really do not know what the hell you are doing with your life and I feel sorry for you.

Happy Humpday! :) Be sure and go link-up at Vodka and Soda for Humpday Confessions!
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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Spring Re-Decorating!

Happy Tuesday Ya'll!!

It’s allllmost Spring, can ya feel it?! Wellll we sure can here in Texas because it’s been in the mid 70's here for the last week! Not to rub it in anymore to you folks up north but I LOVE it and welcome it.  Since we have had warmer weather the last few days it has got me really thinking about Spring; mainly back porch Sunday Fundays with the family are approaching. I can’t wait! But it seems like every March or April is when I start getting my décor ready for Spring/Summer. I really look forward to changing things up around the house this time of year, so I figured I would share some of the small and cheap ways to transform your home.


I’m not a huge fan of having plants indoors because I have this strange sense that I’m bringing bugs inside. Weird. I know! Don’t judge. But for some people plants in any room make it feel more alive, my madre (mom) has always had greenery on our bay window and she loves it. If your like my madre, you can always plant your own greenery or even spices to bring your kitchen or living area to life. Bonus; its super cheap!

 photo 8cec96ee331a84228e09c8b496741d0a.jpg

{Prints & Patterns}

As I’ve watched my mom decorate or rearrange my parents’ home over the years, and always noticed that she keeps things monochromatic which isn’t bad, it’s just that anything goes nowadays! Mix prints and patterns. Mix colors and textures. This can be done with your pillows, rugs, curtains, etc. By changing your couch pillows alone, it will make an impression on your space. That doesn’t necessary mean you have to go out and buy all new pillows. Check into pillow covers, Etsy has tons!
  photo 8010f6a610ac911bd7dd989f9cfb3671.jpg

 photo d8fe19ae78e5ffca1a6f0b425300c445.jpg


So many people think you should only frame a photograph, which is sooo not the case anymore! You can frame damn near anything now, if you don’t believe me just search “framing” on Pinterest. I’ll wait…TOLD YOU! I absolutely love the look of framed photos or kids artwork in a collage on the wall! Adding framed quotes, mirrors or even vintage empty frames will bring so much character to your room of choice. Be sure and check out your local thrift store or dollar store for cheap frames! Now, go out and get to hanging up that sweet artwork or your favorite quotes.

 photo untitled.png

 photo e267fce1328a574bbb200b57801980cb.jpg


I think accessorizing with books is such an interesting way to bring personality to your casa. It is a great way to bring life to any room because it’s personal and reflects your interests. I also like to mix in a pretty photo album with the books on our coffee table.


Define a space with a mirror or several mirrors; they add both character and light to any area. You don’t have to display mirrors only in your family room or bedroom, try spaces like your foyer or hallway. I have found so many dramatic mirrors at flea markets or vintage shows that only needed a little spray paint and then they were ready to look gorgeous!

I bought this mirror for CHEAP at a thrift store and just added some spray paint and black glaze! TA-DAAA! :)



Friday, February 21, 2014

Five On Friday

Happy Friday!!

This is first time in a longtime that I am linking up with the lovely Darci over at The Good Life, for Five on Friday.

Last night was Lane’s first junior high dance and the first time the hubs and I were able to help him get ready and take him to something like this. It was such a sweet moment for us. The best part for me was when he got home and told me all about the dance and what all girls he danced with. I swear I could of cried...
 photo image-102.jpg  photo image-103.jpg

Lately I have been obsessing over shoes, which is probably nothing new; it is just until now that I can acknowledge I have a problem. This week while drooling on my keyboard, I found these fabulous boots! I have always been so afraid to wear an ankle boot but these are so fantastic that I don’t even care if I look like a wannabe country hipster! Told you before I was a rebel!

 photo image-105.jpg

I put my 3 week notice in at work!!! Helllll to the Yesss! I guess I should go forward with the dream of auditioning for Real Housewives of Texas because I would be the ideal wife for the show! I am only missing the ridiculous amounts of dolla billz, a closet like Lisa Vanderpump’s and love for drama. But maybe they would make an exception.

The joy that comes over me when I find long wine aisles with allll my favorite wines is the same feeling I had when I was 7 years old waking up on Christmas morning. -REAL TALK-

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My cousin’s fiancée was able to make the drive up to my sister’s bridal shower this past weekend and I just absolutely adore her! She is so much fun and fits in perfectly with our loud and outspokenfamily. I am so glad she is joining our family in May!
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