Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Spring Re-Decorating!

Happy Tuesday Ya'll!!

It’s allllmost Spring, can ya feel it?! Wellll we sure can here in Texas because it’s been in the mid 70's here for the last week! Not to rub it in anymore to you folks up north but I LOVE it and welcome it.  Since we have had warmer weather the last few days it has got me really thinking about Spring; mainly back porch Sunday Fundays with the family are approaching. I can’t wait! But it seems like every March or April is when I start getting my décor ready for Spring/Summer. I really look forward to changing things up around the house this time of year, so I figured I would share some of the small and cheap ways to transform your home.


I’m not a huge fan of having plants indoors because I have this strange sense that I’m bringing bugs inside. Weird. I know! Don’t judge. But for some people plants in any room make it feel more alive, my madre (mom) has always had greenery on our bay window and she loves it. If your like my madre, you can always plant your own greenery or even spices to bring your kitchen or living area to life. Bonus; its super cheap!

 photo 8cec96ee331a84228e09c8b496741d0a.jpg

{Prints & Patterns}

As I’ve watched my mom decorate or rearrange my parents’ home over the years, and always noticed that she keeps things monochromatic which isn’t bad, it’s just that anything goes nowadays! Mix prints and patterns. Mix colors and textures. This can be done with your pillows, rugs, curtains, etc. By changing your couch pillows alone, it will make an impression on your space. That doesn’t necessary mean you have to go out and buy all new pillows. Check into pillow covers, Etsy has tons!
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So many people think you should only frame a photograph, which is sooo not the case anymore! You can frame damn near anything now, if you don’t believe me just search “framing” on Pinterest. I’ll wait…TOLD YOU! I absolutely love the look of framed photos or kids artwork in a collage on the wall! Adding framed quotes, mirrors or even vintage empty frames will bring so much character to your room of choice. Be sure and check out your local thrift store or dollar store for cheap frames! Now, go out and get to hanging up that sweet artwork or your favorite quotes.

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I think accessorizing with books is such an interesting way to bring personality to your casa. It is a great way to bring life to any room because it’s personal and reflects your interests. I also like to mix in a pretty photo album with the books on our coffee table.


Define a space with a mirror or several mirrors; they add both character and light to any area. You don’t have to display mirrors only in your family room or bedroom, try spaces like your foyer or hallway. I have found so many dramatic mirrors at flea markets or vintage shows that only needed a little spray paint and then they were ready to look gorgeous!

I bought this mirror for CHEAP at a thrift store and just added some spray paint and black glaze! TA-DAAA! :)




  1. all those ideas look great. I'm sure you can pull it together and have it looking great in no time.


  2. I'm sure looking forward to our 80* weather this weekend:)

  3. I get the urge to redecorate every time Spring rolls around! Canton just calls my name each month...

  4. Matt probably hates Spring because my brain screams at me to change everything we own. We can't have plants inside because my cats straight up eat them, regardless of what kind they are. I love the gallery wall ideas and LOVE the mirror you fixed up!