Friday, February 28, 2014

Sobriety, Spelling & Snoring

It is probably against all blogging rules to post 2 link-ups in one day but last time I checked, I am a well known rebel so I'm doing it anyways! 
So, for my second post of the day, I am finishing sentences with Holly & Jake. :)

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1. I always pick…Yoga pants or leggings instead of actual pants.
 2. Look at the size of those...tree trunks…my mistake, those are my damn thighs.
 3. I recently learned…I snore, like a woman whose respiratory structures are vibrating due to an obstructed air movement during breathing while sleeping.
 4. Only when no one is looking…do I proceed to dance like Beyoncé in front of the refrigerator light.
 5. I lost my...virginity.
 6. I was certain I'd…have a reality show by now; I can guarantee my shit storm is TV gold.  
 7. There is not enough liquor in the world for me to….be a teacher….I have uber respect for you ladies that are, but I would be the teacher on the 10:00 news for bitch slappin’ some smart ass teenager  who tried to disrespect me.  
 8. I just finished... talking to myself in the bathroom mirror at work to see how my face looks while I’m speaking.
 9. Why does everyone have to be...Lame…so what if I got drunk at my 4 year old niece’s birthday party. She didn’t know.
 10. It’s very rare when I...don’t have to google how to spell a word that exceeds 5 letters.
 11. If I were a dog…I would want to be any hot celebrity’s bitch, that way I can snuggle with him and bite any other skank bitches that came near my man.
 12. I don't sobriety.  -Real talk-

Enjoy your weekend, friends!


  1. Haha! Nothing says party like a 4 year old birthday! :D And I would totally want to snuggle with all the hot celebrities. I like the way you think.

  2. Hahaha... we must be sisters from another mother. I could have written all of those answers!

  3. HHAHA words cannot describe how much I loved reading this post. I am a HUGE fan of yoga pants and leggings over pants. This is hilarious. Have a great weekend girl.

  4. there's no rule in blog where you should do just one link up. or even 1 post a day. i do as many as i want and wish to do. Why? 1. it's my blog and i can do what i want. :p

    come join the blog hop challenge. here's a 3rd link up. :p

  5. I have the tree trunks too!! Grrr. :)

  6. 9. Why does everyone have to be...Lame…so what if I got drunk at my 4 year old niece’s birthday party. She didn’t know. <-------- YES! This made me laugh so hard. This was me last weekend at a birthday party for a 2 year old.

  7. hahaha tree trunks, I have those! And I always pick yoga pants and leggings too, duh!

  8. You make me laugh! Love this. I’d watch your reality show in a heartbeat. I love that you talked to yourself in the mirror to see how you look when you talk because that’s something I’ve done before. Ha.

  9. Oh and I guaran-damn-tee my tree trunks are bigger than yours! haha