Thursday, August 1, 2013

My Bucket List...

Hey Everyone!
A couple days ago I asked the Hubby what was on his Bucket List and he named 2 things...seriously 2! I wondered had we already become that complacent in life that we didn't want more for ourselves. Because I am not sure I could of came up with a list of my own at that point. So, it got me thinking of my own personal Bucket List and what I wanted out of this life of mine....

Vacay in Bora Bora
Take a Cooking Class
Cook Gordon Ramsey dinner & he tell me it is Delicious
Visit a Winery
Learn to say "Hello" in 10 languages
Go Deep Sea Fishing
Be in Time's Square for New Year's Eve
Ride in a Hot Air Balloon
Build my Dream Home
Ride an Air Boat in the Swamp
Attend a Super Bowl with the Hubby
Ride in a Race Car
Learn to Play the Guitar
Learn to surf
Take my family on a guided hunt in Africa
Experience Bourbon Street in New Orleans
Own a Birkin Bag (Ha! Fat Chance!)
Have a Successful Garden
Run a 5k
Become a Art Collector
Jump off a cliff into deep water
Have my own Reality Show
Take my family to every MLB stadium
Get a tattoo in memory of someone
Travel to all 50 states

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  1. I need to make a bucket list I'm sure my list is going to be a mile long

    1. You should! It made me get extra motivated on living everyday to the fullest! :)

  2. OMG I would LOVE to be in Times Square some NYE. I'm going to NYC in 2 weeks! I've been several times and this time my husband and I are taking my mom and aunt for their first time!

    Love your bucket list!

    1. Aww! Uber jealous! Ya'll have fun, they will love that!