Friday, August 30, 2013

Five on Friday/My Jams

Happy Friday Ya'll!
This week has BLOWN by...and not in a good in way, mainly because I need more time to get everything done in my life!! So apologizes for this week's Five on Friday linkup with Darci @ The Good Life being somewhat thrown together.

Last week's Five on Friday, I saw Megan @ Barefoot & Blue Jean Princess post about 5 songs she's loving right now. Sooo with me being short on time and letting her know in advance I was gonna steal her idea (Thanks again, Doll!) I came up with 5 of my ALL TIME favorite jams! 

Mike Ryan-Won't Let it Show
Mike played the Hubs and I's wedding reception and then acoustic during the ceremony. So, I think we will always be supporters of his music because he shared with us, one the most important days we have together! Bonus, he's a Texan! :)

Adam Hood-Buzzes Like Neon
You can't go wrong with ANYTHING Adam Hood! Period. This song is older and doesn't have a music video to go along but you get the idea..

Ryan Bingham- Southside of Heaven
This year during our annual hog hunting tournament, this was the song I was singing at 5:30am of the hunt and we ended up winning the tournament so this of course has to be my "lucky" song.
Side Note: For all you viewers of  "The Bridge" on FX, that would be Ryan Bingham singing in the intro... 

Turnpike Troubadours-Gin, Smokes, Lies
I love pretty much everything these Oklahoma boys put out...But this song is for sure my favorite from them!

Mike McClure- Lucky Man
Mike McClure was one of the first artist that my awesome hubby wanted me to listen to when we were dating because he loved so much of his music. I remember 7 years or so when we use to spend Sunday Funday together fishing and drinking, he played this song. Which by then I was already a fan of Mike McClure so from then on out this song has been a favorite of mine!

Hope EVERYONE has a fabulous weekend!


  1. Get out!! I love Mike. Met him a couple of times through a mutual friend. Wont Let It Show is absolutely one of my favorites!!

    1. Isn't he just great!?! That's awesome!! :)

  2. That is so awesome that Mike Ryan played at your wedding!! Love all of your picks.