Friday, August 16, 2013

Five on Friday Linkup

Hey Ya'll!!! Happy Friday/Weekend!

Today I'm linking up for the very FIRST time with Darci @ The Good Life for Five on Friday!

Since I have not had the chance to introduce you guys to the fur babies in my life, I thought I would take this time to do all the while linking up with some awesome blogs/ladies!

This is the time where my hubby starts rolling his eyes because my obsession love for my little nugget, Scooter! I remember picking up this little 8 month old fur ball from a North Dallas shelter and he was so afraid of everybody. Without a hesitation the woman in me was like "I can fix him!" Hahaha! And I did just I have a spastic, loving, vocal, sweet, but mischievous dog! :)

But the best part about Scooter is that when JL is on his way to the house. I can tell Scooter and he will stand at the front door until he sees the hubby's truck pull in the driveway, then it's whining up until JL opens the door. But I as soon as that door opens, he goes completely bat shit crazy! I will have to video and post soon because it is seriously hilarious! 

Waiting for JL to get out of school, the sea of kids was bit of a mind overload for him! 

I really wish we could know what he dreams about too, because he barks, whines, runs and shakes all in his sleep! So we sometimes give a story to his dreams...There usually pretty interesting, :)

We found this love bug wondering around my SIL's pasture, she was about 25lbs underweight and had several open cuts. After seeing "42" JL decided on Jackie for her name, so now she's our lazy guard dog who likes to try to dig to China.

This is her "maybe if I don't move she won't see I dug this big ass hole in the yard" face!

This is Iggy aka Marly, she went to her forever home this past week and I could not be happier! Our neighbors found her at around 4 weeks so this home is definitely a happy ending! :)  A HUGE thank you to Amber @ Unbreak-A-Bull for all the help with the adoption!

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!

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  1. Our Angel pup does the same thing when my husband comes home. All I have to say is "daddy's home" and she starts spinning circles and cute! Dogs are so fun!

  2. I love that you adopted a fur baby!! (the first picture didn't show up for me on the blog though ) We cannot keep our baby Levi at our condo (nothing allowed with voice boxes- bleh!) so it's heart breaking to leave him at my parent's house, although he's got another fur baby to spend his days with-- let me explain: My fiance was raised in Alaska and his parents moved down here about eight years ago for a change and he followed. When we got engaged I agreed to move up there. Within two weeks, they sold their Harley, packed everything they could in two suitcases, and flew home. We took over their lease. We have six months left on the lease and we plan to find a place where we can keep our baby and we will eventually move-- the fiance got a great job and it's silly to move with the money he is making and experience he is getting. Anyway-- when I show up at my parent's house it's like Levi knows I'm there-- he goes bat shit crazy and gets SO loud at the door. It makes me SO happy. (I will add that even though we can't have him here and could not only be evicted but heavily fined for having him here.. we sneak him in on a weekly basis for a night or two, hehe. OH and there are posts on my blog dedicated to him and a photo of him on my about me page if you want to see how precious he is). Rescuing dogs is SO rewarding-- I swear I could rescue every dog that I see.. your babies are too cute!!

    1. Ohhhh, I hate it for you that you have to be away from your fur baby!! But I bet you will be so happy when you can spend every night with your baby! Rescuing is very rewarding, very hard at times but definitely rewarding! Thank you!! Good Luck in don't have much longer! :)

  3. OMG How cute are those puppies!!!!

    XOXO Bunnie