Monday, October 7, 2013

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday Everyone!
This weekend was JL's first baseball tournament for the Fall, we were all looking forward to it because it meant we were not going to be sun burnt and drenched in sweat from just being outside for 10 minutes. JL has played year around travel baseball for the past 4 years, which makes us very busy...year around. The Fall season is always my favorite mainly because I get to wear sweatshirts the whole weekend. It is the small things in life, right?!
We love our #4!
Anyways, on Saturday we drew the 4:00 and 8:00 games, which are game times I will never complain about because all that means to me is that I don't have to get up at the crack of dawn.Our 4:00 pool play game went great...6-4 win.
JL & his cousin Rhaina
It's hot chocolate. Not coffee, folks.
A legit cold front actually moved into Texas Saturday, so the weather was set for us to be playing baseball in football weather. Again. No complaints from me. But some of the other moms were cold and I was craving a white chocolate mocha so after our win we loaded up and made a trip to wait 40 minutes in line. Usually I would say eff this line I'm out of here but that warm liquid heaven was really calling my name. We made it back to the complex in hopes to win the next game and then head out to dinner with most of the team. Right about the time the boys were taking the field, it started lightening and raining. We all loaded up in our cars waiting for the rain to pass...45 minutes later they finally cancelled our games. We all got checked into our hotel rooms and got the boys rounded up to go to dinner at 9:30. Dinner was great, lots of laughs between the boys and parents. Finally at 11:45 I got myself and JL in bed while a few of the dads were partaking in some adult beverages in the parking lot since we had no clue if we would even play the next day.
The next morning we got the call that the fields for to wet to play on and the rest of the tournament was cancelled. It was pretty disappointing considering we drove all that way, spent a few hundred dollars and only played 1 game. Since the weather was 75 and gorgeous, we grabbed Olive Garden (JL's favorite place.) and headed home to catch the Cowboys' game.
Spaghetti and lemons for lunch.
The hubs and I watched the game on the patio with the dogs while JL went to the football field with his cousin to play around.
She is such a classy lady when she crosses her legs
My nosy, Scooter
Even though we didn't get to play much baseball and the Cowboys lost, the weekend was still a great one. Cooler weather...Starbucks...dinner with friends...and sleeping in...It is the smaller things that make it great, right??