Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Here Comes The Bride...

Happy Humpday!

This past winter my dear sister became engaged to the love of her life and yours truly was of course nominated to be the Maid of Honor. Whaaa Whaa! Bachelorette Party. Here. We. Come. But before I get to bust out a move on the bar, just like she did at my bachelorette party, we have to come together for the more significant details of the wedding. So this morning I received a text asking when would be a good time for us to go bridesmaid dress shopping. **This totally reminds me that I need to get my ass on the treadmill before this wedding in April.** But we discussed going a few weeks from now and when she should send out her save-the-dates. Like most brides, to my sister the dress is probably the most important aspect of the whole wedding. She has put a lot of energy into finding her perfect dress, finally after a few months she found "the one". I'm very happy for her and if she loves it...I love it.

But for me when I was planning my wedding the dress wasn't as important to me as it was finding the BEST photographer. I said from the beginning of my planning that I would prefer to spend more money on my photographer than another element of the wedding. Weird? Maybe. But the idea behind that was...when the Hubs and I are 100 years old and we are bat shit crazy, our photos will still be around even if our minds are not. To this day I have gone through my engagement, bridal and wedding photos at least 3 times in the last year and half and I'm never disappointed that we spent extra for our fabulous photographer, Krystle Akin.

So, what was/is the most important wedding planning details to you?
Flowers? Photographer? Food? Dress?   

I'm gonna need to order this before the Bachelorette Party weekend!


  1. I loved my flowers, peonies, roses, and hydrangeas!! I have pictures of them hanging in our house!

    1. That's awesome! I didn't think to frame those pictures, I just framed the family photos! I may have to go through all my pictures again and frame the shots of my flowers too. :)

  2. Flowers, and my dress! actually all of it lol

  3. My shoes! lol I am not good with heels but I didn't want to wear flats and yeah I went to NUMEROUS places and sites before I found the ones and to this day I love them. =) Congrats to your sister and you MOH ;)

  4. Photography! I wish I would have had a videographer, too!