Tuesday, October 22, 2013

When no one is looking...

Good Morning Lovebugs! 

With the Hubs working some crazy hours lately and giving baseball lessons when he is actually off work, I have found myself at home more often then I use to. So, I got to thinking about the things I do when I'm by myself and decided to share a few with you guys.
 I really hope we can all still be friends after this this. :)

When no one is looking…
-I talk to myself in the bath room mirror to see how my face looks while I’m talking.
-I google how to spell….ALOT.
-I put on my favorite pants and check out my ass.
-I have very long and deep conversations with my dog.
-I watch Honey Boo Boo...
-I also smell my dog's paws, because they smell weird! 
-I dance like Beyonce while I’m checking out what is in the fridge.
-I have ate PB & J sandwiches for breakfast.
-I practice accents, if I can’t look like Sofia Vergara I will just try to sound like her.
-I will make faces or mouth words when my husband turns around.
-I have drank wine out of the bottle.


Happy Tuesday!
Make Today Great! :)


  1. Haha this is great. I Google how to spell things too!

  2. LOL! So funny! I definitely use google as my spell check DAILY. And I dance everywhere!

  3. hahaha so funny :) I totally drink wine out of the bottle

  4. Love this...I google how to spell too, done the wine out of the bottle too...we can totally be best of friends ;)

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  6. Uhm, not only can we be friends after this, we should prob be BEST friends!

  7. Ha, I totally practice accents!! The best is when you go on vacation and just pretend you are from a different country. It's so much fun! ha :)
    xo TJ


  8. Love this. When no one is around I like to sing my little heart out.