Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Someday I Will...

The Daily Tay

This afternoon I decided to link-up with Taylor for a much needed reminder of things I want to do.

Someday I will...learn to dance like Beyonce instead of Miley Cyrus.

Someday I off all our debt, we may only be debt free for 24 hours, but by gosh we did it.

Someday I will...go to a Super Bowl and wear a different teams jersey.

Someday I our dream home in the country on a huge wooded piece of property with a pool, outdoor kitchen and master bathroom the size of Texas!

Someday I will...adopt even more rescue dogs.

Someday I will...accept my flaws and stop picking myself apart for the smallest of things.

Someday I will...learn to cook without worrying that I'm poisoning my family.

Someday I at least a 5K.

Someday I will...bump into Angelina and Brad and they will adore me so much that they ask me to become their nanny.

Someday I will...hopefully become pregnant, I know this one isn't up to me but I can still hope for the best. :)
Someday I Gordon Ramsey and use every cuss word I know. Just because I can.

Someday I will...weight what I did in high school. I know it can be done, I just have to actually workout more than once a week.

Someday I will...own a Birkin bag. Psssh! Fat chance!

Someday I will...get a reality show.


  1. I LOVE your list! Especially adopting more rescue dogs, that should have been on mine too. Save all the puppies!

  2. wouldn't we all love to be have our own reality show lol

  3. I can't dance like either! LOL yes for brangelina nannying!!

  4. hahaha the first one is the best!!! yes!

  5. Can I just steal your list and post it for the link up? ;-) I'm right there with you for almost all of these!! Except I'm not much of a dog person.

  6. Bahahaha... my fave is the first one! Please don't tell me you own a giant foam finger...

  7. I can so relate to a FEW of these on the list! Is this a weekly link up...because I may participate with the next one!!