Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My Makeup Hates My Face

Do you ever feel like your makeup dislikes your face and its on a secret mission to make you look as worse as possible on the day your bound to run into your husband's ex girlfriend?? Well. I do. It's how I have been feeling lately and it's beginning to make me cray cray! I apply my makeup pretty much the same way every time, and majority of the time it looks great, and I'm oh so happy. But thennn I can do the exact same steps a couple days later and instead of looking flawless, I look like I was spawned from circus clown rejects.

So, WTF?! Why?!

 I can not be the only one who has had this problem....It is kinda like bad hair days, one day you have Kim Kardashian before she went dishwasher blonde and the day following you look as though your an extra on the set of The Lion King. I guess my makeup or face just has bad days? I moisturizes, use great makeup and makeup brushes, so I do not know why my makeup and face won't cooperate everyday...

 photo image-78.jpg


  1. Yes.... I totally agree. And I don't get it either. Soooo frustrating. The worst is when you try to take a selfie and you realize somethin is not quite right lol.

  2. You're asking the wrong lady! ;) My makeup/face kinda sucks every day haha... I need tutorials on basically everything!!!

  3. Yes! Especially when I see tutorials of people using the same exact kind of makeup as me and I’m like “hey, it doesn’t look like that on me”!!! What’s up with that anyway? But honey, you are gorgeous and I am sure that you looked beautiful when you ran into her. She was probably thinking danggggg….he upgraded times a million!

  4. So true! And it never fails, my face or hair always decides to have an off day when I run in to the most people I don't want to see!

  5. I think its just the luck of the draw...I feel the same way from time to time! And really Im not doing anything different. My hair does the same thing...