Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Confessions of a Real Bag Lady...

This week for Humpday Confessions, I am taking you ladies to a dark place that some of my closest friends don’t have any clue about…

The inside of my purse.

My purse is major OFF LIMITS to everyone. Period. It’s a weird pet-peeve of mine that my purse needs to remain MY purse so I don’t want anyone else’s grubby paws in it! But for the sake of my new friendships with you all, I am going to TELL you what deep dark/strange/personal items I carry around daily…just don’t ever go exploring in my purse because I might will cut you.

Wine Opener…If you have read my blog for longer than 2.2 seconds this one explains itself. I drink wine. I like to be prepared to drink wine. I have snacks for Michael and band aids for Lane, soooo if you ask me...We are pretty much ready for anything.

 photo 56ed00d6-94fb-4ddc-bfd4-eaaa14065784.jpg

Deodorant-Since I sweat like a grown ass man, this is a must-have. Actually in the
summers, I openly do pit checks every hour on the hour.

Spanx…I do not want to try on and buy that cute little fitted dress unless I know how it is really going to look after I put on my body armor. You best believe, if I could get my DD size strapless bra in my purse and it not fall out at Lane's meet the teacher night, I would mostly definitely have it in there as well…

2012 W-2’s…How in the world I have carried around a copy of Michael’s 2012 W-2 for over a year in my purse is still a mystery to me…a mystery and accomplishment at the same time. #winning

Pregnancy Test…you never know when you might be prego.

 photo 3c157746-752a-4d36-acaa-6877dbe21674.jpg

Those are just a few of the items in my purse...I also have a 1,004 bobby pins, tanning lotion, crushed red pepper, lip plumber, a speeding ticket, paper clips, 9 pairs of earrings, my passport, and probably 20 headbands. :)

 photo untitled-1.png


  1. hahahaha if you did a "whats in my bag" full-on post, that would be really interesting! i find a lot of weird stuff in my purse from my kid. the other day, i found her USED SOCKS. eww. then i also found her pretend compact and cell phone in the same pocket that i carry mine in. that was cute.

    thanks for linking up!

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  2. why haven't I thought of keeping a wine opener in my purse?!?? GENIUS

  3. Oh my god do I feel you on this!!! My purse is a fucking BLACK HOLE! hahah

  4. Love it, great post!! Hilarious about the W-2's its amazing what you find down in there right?

  5. Hey Kristen! I cant have anyone touching my bag. Its literally my pride and joy,lol. The only person who can touch it is my b/f and that's with permission of course! I love your items too! So funny! Have a lovely week! :) xx


  6. wine opener..that's new and useful for wine lovers like us :)

  7. Does the wine opener have a cover around the spiral metal part (why can't I think of the name of it?) Knowing me, I'd totally cut myself on it while fishing in my purse for something else.

    I carry deodorant too. You have to, really.

  8. Haha I love that you have a pregnancy test in your purse. I have pretty much had one on hand since I was 18...not because I'm an uber whore or anything but because well I start getting all nervous if I'm even half a day late.

  9. Hahaha…I love this! I love having reassurance that keeping weird/random stuff in your purse is a universal thing for us ladies to do! I've been carrying around a burnt out glowstick in mine for almost a year now.

  10. LOL!! I am super digging this post. Crushed red pepper got me.

  11. That must be one big purse :). Maybe you should get a case for that wipe opener -- wouldn't want you to stab yourself :).

  12. hahahaha definitely unexpected finds in there! I have a wine opener in my purse as well. I have brought it onto a plane many times and not once has it been confiscated....winning right? xoxo

  13. You have me beat, hands down! haha. But hey....I bet next time you look in my purse you can bet your sweet ass I'll have a wine opener! Thanks for the GENIUS idea.