Thursday, April 3, 2014

32 Things That Make Me Happy

1. Walking barefoot in my yard.
2. When I pass a old lady who is wearing the same perfume, I remember my grandmommy wore.
3. A pool in the middle of a Texas summer.
4. Laughing so hard that it's difficult to stop.
5. Sunglasses
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6. Being proud of a tough decision.
7. Red Velvet cupcakes.
8. Baseball season
9. When Michael said "You're right."
10. Getting packages in the mail.
11. Changing from work clothes into yoga pants.
12. My mother-in-law's homemade tortillas.
14.When I wakeup and realize I still 20 minutes until my alarm goes off.
15. The smell of Michael's cologne
16. Sleeping in my own bed after being out of town.
17. Hearing little kids laughing and talking.
18. Cooking dinner and my boys actually liking it and asking for it again.
19. Experiencing Christmas morning as a bonus mom and aunt.
20. Getting a pedicure on your day off during the middle of week.
21. Lane proudly wearing #4.
 photo e62e7555-ce47-40e5-a99f-6417477e3631.jpg
22. Good music
23.Climbing into bed at night with freshly laundered sheets.
24. Finding money in jackets you haven't wore since last season.
25. Pinterest...Nowadays I don't even know what the hell I did without it.
26. Bud Light Lime.
27. My DVR.
28. Meeting new people.
29. Anything, chevron, sparkly or turquoise.
30. Seeing how excited my dogs are to see me everyday when I get home. Now if I can just get Michael to be THAT excited to see me everyday. :)
31. Neon signs
32. My blog...I love it and it makes me uber happy!

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  1. Girl, bud light lime is summer in a bottle. Such beautiful things!! :)

  2. Love this... especially that your DVR made the cut - a woman after my own heart!

  3. Red velvet ANYTHING .... weakness!

  4. Getting packages in the mail! That's why I sign up for Ipsy ;)

  5. Yes! I love so many of these too. Especially baseball season :))