Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Bachelorette Madness

Hey there! I am somewhat behind on my weekend recap, so excuse the tardiness. As ya'll know I travelled to Austin for my sister's last party weekend as a single lady, which should explain why I still feel like I am dying.

Let's get right to it...
I drank more than most AA members consume in a lifetime and I took some really shitty photos.
The end.

 photo 96929233-a13d-4d6a-8383-f682e27c035b.jpg

 photo 84a4cb47-5886-4004-9995-01051f825df6.jpg

 photo 7e727eff-a5d6-42f0-a38b-b3582167f7c3.jpg  photo 6886e2a5-edaf-45b4-9869-25e9cdb61851.jpg

 photo e434fe10-47b7-4acf-bb97-8b348c763d22.jpg
 photo 94004ac1-f706-4508-a464-8f56b32152e5.jpg photo d8c1be09-6d67-45d5-94f3-a99cda93dda1.jpg

 photo 141a5353-6dc5-4f7c-b854-7493638b0a55.jpg photo ddd50626-32fc-4824-8652-425f9811fe6e.jpg

The girls at Coyote Ugly Austin are better than the rest. :)
 photo 515aed97-eef3-4d64-b325-5afce58e91d9.jpg

This is probably my favorite picture of the night, she couldn't even talk by the time we got back to the hotel sooo offfff course what kind of sister would I be if I didn't photograph it.
 photo 3b917289-27f0-4f2d-9b8c-5f59431a410a.jpg

This is what your face looks like after you get drunk on 6th street.
Thank you, Austin.
 photo 89545b6c-a62b-4d3f-b3de-3de7ad720342.jpg


  1. This is amazing! Hope you are on your way to recovery post awesome weekend madness :) Drunk pictures are the best pictures. Always.

  2. so fun!! I consumed a similar amount of booze this weekend- any chance you have a sore foot too? Any idea why? hahaaaa

  3. LOL Austin is so much fun! Looks like you had a great time!

  4. Bahahaha! Awesome pics! Bachelorette parties are the best!!!!

  5. I didn't see Shitty pics. Where were the shitty pics? I wanna see ;)