Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Humpday Confessions

I confess...that Facebook pisses me the hell off. If it is not your 4th cousin, twice removed posting only "Goodnight."....then it's your 2nd grade teacher posting 2,000,001 pictures of her old fat cat. Pleaseeee...Shut your face.

I hairline is receding. After closely studying pictures of myself from high school my hairline is not in the same place as it was 10 years ago. So does mean I'm gonna be bald by 60!?!

I last pair of Nikes' were purchased in kids' sizes. They were $45 cheaper than the women's and a size 7 in a size 8 in women's. BAM! I'm $45 richer...

I confess...I will practice rapping abilities by listening to a song 93 times until I memorize it.

I confess...last week I did some research and got pricing on having laser hair removal on my cookie.

I confess...that seeing Jerry Jones on the ACM's made me nauseated.

I confess...that I feel cool because several of Lane's 6th grade friends and girlfriends want to follow me on Instagram.

I confess...I cut my own hair a few weeks I'm embarrassed to go to my hair dresser because she will notice I had a true toddler moment and cut random pieces of my hair with paper scissors.

I confess...that I do not put all my makeup on unless I know I'm gonna see someone I really dislike or any of my Michael's exes.

I confess...that I enjoy the smell of fresh paint...which is why I get nervous when they card me for my paint at Home Depot...I feel like they "know" my secret.

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  1. i always try and buy clothes/gear in the kids section. not only are they cheaper but they're taxed differently (either no tax or less tax). i bought a pair of girls junior under armor running tights for only $29 as opposed to $75 for womens!! WTF!!

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. this made me laugh too hard. i also listen to songs 100 times to memorise lyrics, though i'm not cool enough for rapping. and oh god everyone on facebook, besides like 4 people, annoy the crap out of people. the ones that annoy me the most: 'whats the weather supposed to be like tomorrow?' or 'anyone know of a park near my house'? USE GOOGLE. too mean?

  3. Girl, I hate facebook all together. Passive aggressive, annoying, weirdo facebook. I have cut my facebook use by more than half and I stick to Instagram.
    I confess that I listened to Gangsta's Paradise about 150 times to nail it. It's my party trick.
    Happy Wednesday!

  4. I agree!!! FB blows! I wish my giant feet would fit in childrens shoes you lucky girl!!!

  5. Oh man, I want to be able to shop in the kids shoe section!!!!! NO FAIR! My huge ass feet wont be having no kids shoes. Damn!!!!

    Why do we all complain about Facebook, yet we continue to go back. It is like that horrible ex that you have a hard time breaking off from. You remember the good days, and they cloud your judgement. A freaking train wreck!

  6. The kids section is so much cheaper! So jealous! Facebook needs to stop sharing what someone's contacts are sharing and when you comment on someone's status and you get the 100 notifications that someone I don't know is saying. Ugh!

  7. I love that I can go to the kids section for would think at 4'9 I would be able to buy the clothes too but my boobs say hell no and my ass says think again you 39 year old mother of 2.

  8. HOLD ON I DID NOT KNOW YOU COULD BUY STUFF IN THE KIDS SECTION!! I'm shopping online kids sections the rest of the day. screw work. jk jk. but really..

  9. Haha my stylist LECTURES me if i even snip a silly stray hair myself. I don't know how she knows every time!

  10. I wish I didn't have giant size 9 feet, I'd love to go shoe shopping in the kids section...lucky devil you! I also have the paint smell problem...perhaps...we should go paint testing together??? Lol I kid, I kid. Thanks for the laughs today!

  11. Hey Kristen!! Oh my god, same here with the hairline! I believe its because I always wore it in a tight pony or bun and it totally f'ed up my hair line! :( We have it hard as woman! lol And ive totally done the sneaker thing! $45-$50 cheaper.. phhh no brainer!! xx


  12. Have not thought about going to the kids section for shoes, good idea! The hair thing....I'm bad about that sometimes, if one little piece is bothering me I might just cut it. My hairdresser will say, "you know if you have an issue you can just come in between appointments for a clean-up"(too lazy). It is a bit embarrassing.

  13. GAH I wish I had feet small enough to do that! I have size 11 monster feet so....I'm a lost cause. :( But really, Facebook these days has gotten out of control. So tempted to delete mine with all of the nonsense going on!

  14. WTH are they trying to do to us these days on shoes? I totally missed that somewhere that I can buy a 7 in kids and it actually fit me...

    I do the same thing with paint, and books, I like smelling the old books in thrift stores, and new books at bookstores, they all know our secrets and think to themselves about coming clean with theirs, we all know they do it too...sniffing paint and book paper like nobodys business in private, to scurd to do it in public...Happy Hump Day...Kristen

  15. Buying kids shoes is the best! I always look in the kids section before I look in women's because it's so much cheaper!!

  16. Yea i'm with ya on the facebook deal. Now a days all I see is bitches whining. "Want any cheese with your damn whine?" j/s

  17. I loved this, the first confession had me rolling. It is super annoying how some people think that many people care about what they're doing. Love your blog

    x leah symonne x

  18. Bahahah! I do the same thing with rap songs!!!!

  19. How is it we have the same confessions? I have had to come clean to my stylist way to many times. I've been seeing her for years so she knows I sometimes freak late and night and want it done right away. I won't even attempt to color it myself though. I don't think you can create this shade of red from a bottle.

  20. I always buy my tennis shoes in the kids section! ha! And I too will listen to a song over and over until I know all the words! Love it!