Thursday, April 24, 2014

Wedding, Basketball & Easter Recap

Hey Friends! 
I have missed ya'll so much!
I feel like I have told y'all  how busy I am in every post I have wrote in the last 3 months, but I swear I really am. So here is a quick recap of why I feel like a hot mess...We had my sister's wedding this past weekend where I was a total badass when it came to my Maid of Honor duties. I totally rocked...if I do say so myself!

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Lane had his regional basketball tournament, of course he rocked it out. Because he learned all his skills from his step mom! :) They did lose out, which isn't completely terrible because Nationals were 8 hours away. Please refrain from the judging me for being ok with our team losing...y'all do as much traveling as we do then you can judge me! :)

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Our Easter was wonderful, we went to Michael's grandmothers' house...where she informed me in Spanish that I better be pregnant next time she sees me. I wanted to tell her that her grandson and I needed to have more sex to up our odds...but I didn't. :) Lane has grown out of Easter egg hunting so he helps his toddler age cousins.  
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  1. Congrats on being an amazing MOH for your sister's wedding!!! Looks like everyone had a great time!

  2. Way to go MOH!!! Sounds like you had a blast!

  3. Good to see you back around these parts busy lady!

  4. I had no doubts you'd be a kickass MOH! Sounds like the wedding was wonderful! Now...get pregnant would ya? haha