Tuesday, March 11, 2014

He Does Laundry and Farts...

Remember when I told you guys about our anniversary last week and shared that mushy line about Michael being the best thing that has happen to me?....
I just knew all ya’ll have been on the edge of your seat since then, wondering how my hubby makes my life better. So given that I have had 2 glasses of wine since watching The Bachelor…I decided to give you all a few examples of why he is no Tom Cruise but still completes me.

-When he passes gas, he fans it in the opposite direction of me.
-He accepts my recent snoring.
-While in New Orleans, he hungout in a gay bar with me, while I scouted out a gay male best friend.
-Also, while in New Orleans…he held my hair back from touching the toilet.
-A couple weeks ago he decided he wanted to cook a great steak for himself…instead each of our dogs had a VERY well done steak for dinner that night.
-Instead of turning the radio off when I proceed to show off my singing abilities, he just turns it up louder so it saves him a headache and I still get to become Carrie Underwood in the car.
-He did laundry that one rare time…and he went from attractive in my eyes to me wanting to jump his bones right there on that clean laundry pile!
-Last night he poured me a glass of wine...to the top of my wine glass. He understands me so well...
-His way of cleaning is spraying Febreze.

-He gives me more comments when I wear burnt orange! (Hook’Em Horns!)


  1. I love everything about this. What is it about a man and a pile of clean laundry??

  2. haha I love this! Sounds just like us!

  3. Haha, love this! So, did you find your male gay best friend?

  4. aww so cute. when my husband farts, he laughs his ass off but that's ok because i do the same!

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  5. How nice of him to fan it in the opposite direction! Andrew just farts then blames the fart on me.

  6. haha this is great!! I love the fart fanning, that is sweet hahaha

  7. Okay..so I loved the fact that you were out hunting for a gay man best friend..Love it!!

  8. Wow... the opposite direction?! We WAFT that shit AT each other! hahah

  9. Sounds like true love! Especially fanning farts in the opposite direction. Shawn always tries to gas me out!

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