Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thursday Tunes Link Up

Hey Honey Buns!
First off, thanks again to the lovely ladies that joined Megan and I for our first week of Thursday Tunes!
This week I'm gonna let you in on a few of my favorite woman that are from my great state of Texas!
Lucky you, right?!

The rules are simple...
Any genre.
Old or New.
Slow or Fast.
1-5 songs in a your post.
Then link-up on Megan or I's blog.
We are not requiring anyone to follow us to be apart of our link-up but we do ask that you include our button in your post.
Kandid Kristen

Beyonce- Crazy In Love
Taking it back to 2003 which goes to show Beyonce was twerking before Miley could even spell twerking!
Miranda Lambert- Only Prettier
I had a hard time picking just one of her songs, because you can never go wrong with Miranda Lambert!
Kacey Musgraves- Follow Your Arrow
This is my ring tone right now because I love it so much.
Favorite part in the song... "Say what you think, Love who you love Cause you only get so many trips around the sun."

Maren Morris- All That It Takes
Love her voice so much!


  1. We had "All That It Takes" played at our wedding! Love her music!

    1. It's such a good song, isn't she just great!?

  2. Hey! That Beyonce song is so great I used to love it! I heard her live singing it the other day and she was just amazing! You've got a really great blog :) xx

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by! :)

  3. Fun link up! Love me some beyonce.

    ps. I finally stole your button! Mines Finally working so feel free if you'd like:)

  4. MIRANDA!!!! And Kacey Musgraves! And Maren Morris. I haven't heard anything from MM in a while. Does she have anything new out?

    1. Aren't all these ladies so kickass! I haven't heard anything new from Maren Morris in awhile.

  5. I love me some Kasey!! She's such a bad ass.

    1. I knowww! I really want to see her live sometime soon!