Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Is That Weird?!?

-I like the smell of dried spray tan on my skin....

-I will not watch a movie unless it is from the beginning, even if I have seen it already...

-I love hot sauce/salsa but hate tomatoes....

-When I'm in a bad mood, I go through my "Funnies" board on Pinterest to make me feel better...

-I make up name combinations for my unborn children... 

-I don't like awkward silence, so I'm that girl just rambling so there is not silence...

-I can name all the Real Housewives...

-As some of you already know....I don't like beef. It just feels weird in my mouth...That is what she said.

-I no longer think Taylor Swift is sincere in her acceptance one is surprised after the 67th award. Geez!

-I really like the smell of new tires...If someone could bottle the smell in Discount Tire stores, I would be all over that shit!

-While visiting New Orleans, I was more interested in the cemeteries than anything else...

What do you do/say/think that is weird?!


  1. haha! I can relate with 99% of this! Glad I'm not the only one who rambles, will only watch a movie from the very beginning, and think of names for my unborn children! :)

    1. Good to know I'm not being weird alone! Haha

  2. I am the same with The Real Housewives! We are all weird if everyone was the same, life would be boring!

  3. Ill even go so far as I love salsa/tomato soup but hate tomatoes! And agreed on the awkward silence. Quiet is weird.

  4. I am the same way about tomatoes. I won't even eat ketchup because I cant stand them but I will inhale some salsa with some yummy chips. I guess what everyone thinks is weird about me is that I HAVE to change my bed shirts once a week otherwise I will NOT sleep in them.

    Happy Sunday

  5. Ok the tan one is a tad weird, I loath that smell! But I'm the exact same way with tomatoes, hate them, but love salsa and pretty much anything like it.