Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I Ain't No Cinderella.

Hey Lovelies!
I hope y'all are enjoying your weather, wherever y'all may be! I am for sure enjoying the weather so far this summer here in our part of Texas...because typically this time of year it's 102 with 100% humidity and last week it was 85 degrees! I mean really?! Does it get any better than that?! We were outside as much as we could be last week because it felt great for my ass not to be sweating. But with being outside I feel like I have to be listening to music...which then usually goes with an adult beverage in my hand. They just all go together, you know!? 

But, back to listening to music...I have came to discover that I am in a more willing/pleasant mood if I listen to music while cleaning...working out, working on my tan or just about anything! There's something about turning the music up super loud while scrubbing the bathtub that makes me feel less like Cinderella's bitch and more like the badass wife/mom I am! :) So I want to share some of the songs on my playlist with y'all....because I effin expect all y'all to feel like badasses! 

Ed Sheeran-Sing

Josh Abbott Band-Evil Woman

Charli XCX-Boom Clap

Run DMC-It's Tricky

Florida Georgia Line-I'm in a Hurry

Paramore-Ain't It Fun 
Iggy Azalea & T.I- Change Your Life

Randy Rogers Band-Let It Go

Ryan Bingham-Country Roads

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  1. Love your playlist! Ryan Bingham is my go to! Love him!