Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Humpday Confessions

It's Humpday! Yay! That means that when I have the time I am linking up with fellow badass Kathy @ Vodka and Soda for her weekly Humpday Confessions linkup party. Since it's been awhile since I have told y'all about my dirty and weird confessions andddd I am on this new journey to drop some pounds from my ass. I decided I would share my health and fitness confessions with you guys this week. :) 

I confess...that when I eat clean, I poop a lot. It's like my body hates me for all the junk food and alcohol I have ever put in my body.

I confess...that if I see you at the gym with a full face of makeup, a coke in your hand, hair curled and your walking at a pace of 1.1 on the treadmill...I am most certainly giving you the side-eye and judging you at the same time! 

I confess...that I have had dreams of face planting on the treadmill, with a giant treadmill facial burn included. 

I confess...that I think I am burning more calories in some bizarre way when I eat spicy foods. 

I confess...that I get on the scale after I poop to see how much weight I have lost. 

I confess...that I will not run in public because my boobies are to big and I am not trying to give myself a black eye with small children around. 

What are some of y'all's fitness or health confessions??

Don't forget to go visit Kathy and the rest of the cool kids on the link-up! 
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  1. haha i think you do burn more calories eating spicy food? ok maybe not but it speeds up your metabolism lol
    omfg the people at the gym with the makeup.. im like, stop it.
    hahaha i passed out on the treadmill once (long time ago) and it literally took skin off my face when i fell.

  2. the clean foods have more fiber and break down easier hence the poops. also, the nasty farts. omg i can clear a room with my farts.

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  3. Clean eating is great for the digestive tract for sure! But dontcha just feel better that way??? I am still doing the shred and the jumping jacks just kill me because... big boobs. My sports bras could double as straight jackets I'm sure!

  4. Yes to all of these!
    I add cayenne pepper to everything, because if I'm sweating than I'm burning calories right?! Also, my ThermoFit metabolism booster has a red pepper base, so its gotta be true, haha!

  5. LOL I am the SAME way when it comes to running in public. In our softball league, if I have to run more than one base at a time, it becomes a danger zone.

  6. I sometimes weigh myself twice in the morning. Once as soon as I get up and then once after I pee and take my clothes off. It's my fun way of seeing how much my bladder can hold apparently!


  7. HAHAH all so true!! I swear when I run on the treadmill I feel my ass bouncing and I know im being stared at lol horrrrible so I know how it must be for the front side lol!! Love all the confessions girl! XO


  8. Who rocks makeup on the treadmill? Oh yah… all those girls i remember from the college gym!

  9. I am SO scared of faceplanting on the treadmill, I refuse to run on them! I will walk fast but even then I get nervous haha

  10. Bahaha... I will ONLY weigh myself if I'm bone dry, buck naked and clear of any pee/poo!

  11. I totally worry about face plant on the treadmill...always run with that fear at the back of my mind