Friday, May 23, 2014

I Sleep With The Coach...

Hey sweet friends, since not working my days somewhat run together but for majority of you guys I know y'all are really looking forward to the long weekend. So, cheers to that!

I have been so hit or miss with my blog recently because you so busy. It's so bad that I was texting with a friend this past week and we were trying to plan a time to finally get together and the first weekend we have open is not until the beginning of AUGUST! Were only in MAY! Dear sweet baby me! Our Spring baseball season is in full swing right now so all we do this time of year is Eat, Sleep and Play/Watch baseball. I am not complaining at all, but I just need a day at the lake or by the pool break. Plus, I figured since I was washing the coach's clothes, cooking him dinner and sleeping next to him every night the guy would give me a damn break! *Hint *Hint

Butttt I do think I'm gonna get a little relaxation in tomorrow evening because we only have 2 baseball games tomorrow morning and were only playing an hour or so from home. So, I hope to be back to town by 3ish so we can meet up my bestie/sister-n-law/Michael's sister and brother-n-law for some hanging out, grilling and adult beverage consumption. Then, baseball starts back up bright and early Sunday so we can bring home 1st place! :) 

This made me giggle...

I hope everyone has a fantastic and safe weekend!
 Also, thanks again to all my fabulous followers who take time to leave such kind comments or send me sweet is truly appreciate it. 

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  1. I can so relate! My husband started playing Baseball when he was 3 and now Mason plays. Our Blast Ball season is over...but the Rangers are still playing! :) Hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend pretty lady!