Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Blog Update

Hello Friends!
Happy Humpday to you y'all, there is only a few more days until it's the weekend. Which I am eagerly looking forward to, since we actually don't have anything going on until Mother's Day. I am not even weddings, no baseball, no practices, no birthday parties. It's been over 3 months since we have had a appointment free weekend and this sista is ready to enjoy it! But we do have Mother's Day plans Sunday with Michael's mom and grandmother, which is always good with me...because. who the hell doesn't love homemade Mexican food!?! I won't be getting to spend Mother's Day with my own madre because she lives so far away, but I did drop her card in the mail Monday. 
What do you all lovely ladies have planned for your special day??

The Fuentes' house has had a couple changes recently that I haven't had a change to share with you guys. -No, I'm not preggo yet. Butttt, Michael put in for an awesome job opportunity a couple weeks ago and HE GOT IT! We are so excited, the company is amazing and the benefits are fantastic! Plus he gets a brand spankin' new Ford crew cab company truck that he gets to drive 24/7! And then to top it off...this mamacita is now a stay-at-homer! After driving 2 hours one way to work for 5 years, I am very relieved to be able to have time for anything especially time to focus on ME! Which I don't mean in a selfish or bitchy way, I just need to put some effort into myself instead of trying to take care of everybody else. I joined the gym last week, along with going over recipes and meal planning. After seeing pictures of myself at my sister's wedding and then this past weekend, I really need be in there!!! Michael and I have developed so many horrible eating habits over the years so I know it's going to take us working hard to break them. I am kinda anxious as well about not working because the last thing I want to do is get bored. So, if y'all have any suggestions on making the move from career woman to stay-at-homer, let me know! :)

Quick Weekend Recap:
My cousin's wedding was beautiful as expected, Lane danced with all the expected. :)
We spent the night downtown San Antonio on the Riverwalk, we left Sunday morning to head home. We couldn't go home without stopping at The Snake Farm in New Braunfels. Lane absolutely LOVED it! The snake part was not fun for me but all the rest of the farm was, I highly recommend! They have a section where you get to feed goats, pigs, ducks, and a llama! 


  1. Congrats on the new job for the man! That is great!! Whooo hooooo. And a SAHM good for you!! Enjoy your time!!!

  2. Congrats to Michael on the new job! I hope ya'll have a great weekend. Happy early mother's day to you! ♥

  3. Oh my goodness... how cute is lil' man dancing with the bride?!

  4. ahhh fun new changes to come!! congratulations!

  5. Congratulations on Michael’s new job! How exciting. And the truck? Swweeeeeettttt! Can’t beat a free truck you get to drive 24/7. And you…a stay at homer. How nice! Are you enjoying it? Where did you work that you had to drive 2 hours? Good for you for focusing on you! I’m trying to do better, too. Why is it so damn hard? Every time I see that “Snake Farm” sign off the highway I can’t help but think of (and sing) the song! Haha. Adorable pictures. I love that last one.

  6. Woo hoo for staying home!!! There are days that I clean the whole house and have a nice dinner on the table, and there are days when we wear pajamas all day and we are all lucky to still be alive. It's an adventure for sure.
    Congrats on your man's job!! That is awesome!